Ian Handley

Photographer and Web Developer

Ian taught himself to code while he was camping in the national forest, guiding commercial raft trips on the Animas River. Ian's run a mile in under 4 minutes barefoot, can lift more than anyone he's seen and has been influencing health care systems to be healthy. He credits many of his achievements to energy healing and alignment

Follow @TipYourGuide on Instagram or one of Ian's other accounts if you are interested in 'unlearning' and connecting with yourself. Much of life is perspective. Every problem is an opportunity, and there are always infinite solutions to every opportunity. Singular perspectives are often limiting to the individual. When it boils up to it, only those who want to be limited are limited

LOA tips, because it's really not cool when people spend their time working

Be creative and create an impact. Define what you want and abundance follows

The law of attraction is pretty simple, you were a pro at manifesting before you could talk. Look for what you want and you will receive what you want

Good Restaurants in Durango

Assets are free and so is Ian's photography

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-Follow the link near the picture you like that takes you to TipAgain.com
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